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Anjunabeats Rock My World

( Music )

Anjunabeats are a great british trance label, home of (amongst others) Above & Beyond. I just got hold of a copy of a compilation of theirs (Anjunabeats Volume 2) and it’s really excellent vocal, melodic stuff. Anyhow, I was looking for some of their stuff online to download, and I discovered that they sell downloads straight from their own site. I wish more labels did this – I can understand not wanting to lose commission to places like BeatPort, but at least give us a way of getting the tunes without paying through the nose to ship vinyl around the world! So go check out their site, and buy something – I recommend Smith & Pledger/Forever.

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UK Election 2005

( Issues and Personal )

I’m British, and I’m sure a lot of the people reading this are too. Unfortunately I left it too late to register for a postal vote for the upcoming general election, but maybe some of these links will be useful to those who are registered.

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Sound Activated Lighting

( Gadgets and Music )

For a while now I’ve been vaguely thinking of adding some sound activated lighting effects to my playroom. While I’m spinning some tunes it would be nice to have some kind of club-like lighting going on. It seems however, that this is a market waiting to be tapped. I’ve found numerous suppliers of actual club lighting, but they are big, ugly, too bright, too hot and noisy (motors & fans). I’ve also found a few sound activated neon kits originally designed for cars and PC cases. These look interesting, but I’d need to do a fair bit of wiring myself, and they just switch neon tubes on and off to the sound. I’d rather something a little more dynamic than that.

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Xbox 360 – Engadget

So Engadget have leaked pics of what (might be) the new Xbox360. Certainly better looking than the old beast of a console! EA currently have a commercial on their site which shows the first footage from a game for the 360 – Madden NexGen. I have to say I’m not into sports games but the graphics look pretty impressive. MTV are showing the first official look at the new machine on May 12.

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( Gadgets and Music )

Scratchophone is an interesting DJ/gadget site. They are mainly focused on an experimental, wearable turntable (pictured), but they also have general articles on the increasing convergence of old skool vinyl and digital technology.

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Behold – The Bumper Dumper

( Gadgets )

BoingBoing is always a great place to check for quirky, crazy and generally insane stuff. I’ve filed this one under “Gadgets” although it doesn’t really qualify in the normal sense of the word…

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5 Best DJs

( Music )

Someone recently asked me who my top 5 DJs are right now. It’s a tough call, and obviously going to be biased by my own personal music tastes, but here’s what I said (in no particular order):

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PSP Games

Someone just asked for some recommendations for PSP games, here are some I like:

  • Lumines is a very addictive block-based puzzle game
  • Ridge Racers is a very simple but entertaining driving game – the graphics are fantastic

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Yves Deruyter’s Born Slippy

( Music )

Anyone who knows dance music knows Born Slippy – the track which made Underworld the stars they are, and which was featured in the movie Trainspotting and numerous TV commercials. Anyone who knows trance has probably heard of Yves Deruyter, one of the great Belgian writer/producers who is signed to Bonzai Records. Anyway, Yves recently released a cover of Born Slippy, and though I was excited by the idea, I was somewhat disappointed by the result. It basically sounds like a very generic euro-trance track with a few samples overlayed, and the energy of the original has been totally lost. Oh well, his other stuff is pretty good.

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I Love My PSP

So I realise as I write this that I better don my asbestos suit incase any Nintendo fans are passing through, but it’s really not meant to be inflammatory (no pun intended). I’m a big fan of Nintendo, and not a particularly big fan of Sony – I own a GameCube but not a PS2. I really like my GBA-SP, and I can’t think of any Sony product I own apart from the PSP. But before I go any further, take a look at the picture below.

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