Sound Activated Lighting

Posted on Tuesday 26 April 2005

For a while now I’ve been vaguely thinking of adding some sound activated lighting effects to my playroom. While I’m spinning some tunes it would be nice to have some kind of club-like lighting going on. It seems however, that this is a market waiting to be tapped. I’ve found numerous suppliers of actual club lighting, but they are big, ugly, too bright, too hot and noisy (motors & fans). I’ve also found a few sound activated neon kits originally designed for cars and PC cases. These look interesting, but I’d need to do a fair bit of wiring myself, and they just switch neon tubes on and off to the sound. I’d rather something a little more dynamic than that.

So far the best I’ve found is the Faze3 from Mathmos (who make the original lava lamps). They have a bunch of really cool colour changing lamps, but the Faze3 is the only sound activated one. It’s a 3 foot pyramid which sits on the floor and glows, changing colour to the music. A really sweet product, but (and this is the kicker) – they only ship to the UK. I can get any other Mathmos product here in the US, but not this one. Why not? Grrrr….

If anyone has any suggestions – please leave a comment!

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