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Project Gotham 3 Screenshots

Bizarre Creations, makers of the Project Gotham racing games for XBox, have been posting screenshots of the 3rd titles in the series, due for release on XBox360. Included is this amazing shot which has had a few people talking about it being “pre-rendered” or, indeed, fake. To counter the criticism, Bizarre have put up a page confirming it is a genuine, in game shot, and even posting the original wireframes of the scene to prove it. Looks like an early purchase for my 360!

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Best Toy Cars. Ever.

( Gadgets )

Over at we make money not art they have a story about super cool toy cars which follow lines you draw on whatever surface they’re running on. Putting aside parental worries over the future of your table tops, how cool is that? Draw a line with a marker and have a little car just drive along it. Genius!

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Is this the Revolution?

So someone’s dug up a patent application from Nintendo which appears to describe the super-secret controller for the upcoming Revolution console. What’s surprising (or not, depending on your level of cynicism) is that there’s nothing very revolutionary here. We’re talking the usual controls (d-stick, buttons, etc) plus a touchscreen and a tilt sensor. The patent application makes a lot of the ability to use the tilt sensor to control movement through a 3D game, so we must assume it’s pretty accurate. My concern is the touchpad. Having use a variety of touch screen remote controls, all of which seemed like a really good idea until you realise you can’t find a button without looking at the damn thing, I’m wondering how they’ll pull this one off. I didn’t buy a next gen console to hook up to my plasma TV just to spend all evening staring at a tiny LCD on the controller.

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US Grand Prix – What Went Wrong?

( Issues )

So I posted earlier from day 1 of the race weekend, with some photos. Back then it was all sweetness and light. Then Sunday happened, and it all went horribly wrong. I do have photos from day 2 and 3, and I will post them this weekend. My enthusiasm has however waned…

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Time to switch to laser?

( Gadgets )

According to an article at CNet, Dell have launched a new entry level laser printer. The interesting part? It’s only $99 (that’s half the price of the cheapest Lexmark). Specs wise it’s basic, but perfectly good for home/small office use giving you 600dpi at 15ppm. They’re also selling the toner cheaper than anyone else.

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Who needs a cabinet anyway?

I’ve long been a fan of minimalist computer design – no neon lights or windowed cases for me. In fact, back before I was a responsible co-habiting adult I’d often have various computers with no lids and components hanging out on the floor of my playroom. However, these guys have gone one step further with the ultimate low cost, easy access datacenter solution. I particularly like the use of $30 Ikea shelving instead of those really expensive rackmount systems.

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US Grand Prix – Day 1

I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 racing for a nuber of years now, and thought I’d take the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis this weekend for the US Grand Prix. Today (Friday) was the first day of the race weekend, and I caught the second practice session this afternoon. First impressions? Man these things are loud. Really loud. Head-next-to-the-bassbin-at-Ministry loud. Loud, and fast. The TV really does a terrible job of getting over just how fast (and did I mention loud?) these cars are.

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Best. Trailer. Evar!

Yes it’s 3 years old, and yes no-one saw the movie. But the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s movie The Comedian is one of the funniest 90 seconds I’ve seen in a long time. If you’ve ever wondered how they come up with the cliched scripts for movie trailers, wonder no more.

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Counterstrike – Das Movie

It happened to Tomb Raider. It happened to Resident Evil. It happened to Street Fighter (but let’s not mention that). Now, it’s the turn of Counterstrike. Yes – it’s game/movie time!

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Have It Your Way

( Gadgets )

If you use FireFox as your browser (and if you don’t, you should), you’ll already have discovered the joy of extensions. Pretty much whatever you can think of to do to a browser, someone has written an extension for it. However, what if you want to change a specific site in the same way? For example, Google Images is a great way to find images, but the links go to the page containing the image, not the image itself. That’s annoying. Another example – how cool would it be if the page about a movie on Netflix had a link to the same movie’s page on IMDB? Well rather than wait for the site’s owner to make the changes you want, you can now do it yourself using a great extension called GreaseMonkey. Once it’s installed, you can write scripts to modify any website in any way you can imagine. There’s even a useful directory of scripts already written and ready for you to use.

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