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New Category – Issues

OK so I know I promised to keep politics out of this, but hey, there’s a lot of it about. To clean up some of the past posts on things like the Broadcast Flag I’ve created a new category – Issues – to hold anything relating to the law, lawmakers and other such things. Enjoy!

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Video Games Are Good For You

Author Steven Johnson has written an open letter to Hilary Clinton in response to her call for an investigation into the effects on children of video games. I think it perfectly illustrates the absurdity of the current campaign-de-jour of the technically illiterate ruling classes. Pandering to middle America has always been a big vote winner, sadly it usually leads to really, really dumb policies.

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Max Graham

( Music )

Max Graham is a house DJ (based in Canada) who, although claiming not to play trance, appeals to a large number of trance fans. I first came across him on the 4th installment of the excellent Transport/Tranceport series which he mixed in 2001. His latest release Shine, is an uplifting mix with enough melody for the house set and a high enough bpm for the trance crowd. Not to mention the always welcome presence of prog fave Sander Kleinenberg. I’m looking forward to his next mix, for the Mixmag Live series, due out in August.

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iPod Flea

Scott Kelby created this fantastic spoof commercial for the next Apple product – the iPod Flea. That link is Quicktime, if you prefer Windows Media, try this.

Comedy Mugshots

Over at The Smoking Gun they have a collection of police mugshots, mainly of celebrities captured in their not-so-prime, but also some of regular citizens who take it that little bit further than your average criminal. For example, this guy, who probably wishes he’d worn a different shirt, and this guy who was arrested for trying to buy more gold spray paint. I wonder what he was planning to do with it?

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How Not to Drive a Ferrari

Ouch. This video is from an Australian burnout contest (where drivers compete to produce the most smoke from their tyres on a straight course). The first guy shows how it’s done, then someone shows up in their brand new Ferrari… The commentators exclamations are priceless!

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Kill The Frog

And now for something for all my British friends – kill that f@&cking crazy frog. Enjoy!

Dark Blade PC Mod

( Gadgets )

Calling it a case mod is a little bit of an understatement. Where most are happy taking a stock $50 Antec case, cutting a hole in the side and shoving in a couple of cold cathodes, this guy is building the whole thing from scratch. From solid aluminium, on a multi million dollar CNC milling machine, and is documenting the whole process on a forum. The design is simply amazing, and the attention to detail and sheer workmanship made my jaw drop when I saw it. The forum thread is a little long (32 pages as of writing) but there are hundreds of photos detailing the build process and even some videos.

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Does Anyone Not Love This Keyboard?

( Gadgets )

Primotech have a writeup with more details on the amazingly drool-worthy OLED keyboard from art.lebedev which has been doing the rounds lately. In case you weren’t aware, the big deal about this keyboard is that every key is a tiny colour screen, and the labels change contextually depending on what you’re doing. So fire up a game and the keyboard changes automatically to suit. Extremely cool – they’re saying $300 some time next year – sign me up!

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