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Review: Paul Van Dyk in Central Park

( Music )

So last weekend I picked up tickets for the elder statesman of Trance – Paul Van Dyk – performing in Central Park, New York. Having been to larger outdoor events such as Homelands and Creamfields in the past, but knowing that was unlikely to happen here, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

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Optical Illusions

I’ve always liked optical illusions, they show up the bugs in our own programming 🙂 Anyway, this page has a really nice collection of illusions, complete with detailed explanations of how and why they work. Now I just need something to make my eyes point in the right direction again.

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Important : Spam from

It seems a spammer has started using my domain ( as the “From” address in a number of his emails. Rest assured if you get spam appearing to come from this domain it really isn’t, it’s just being faked. I have no interest in selling anyone herbal viagra or mail order diplomas.

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Eve Online

(or “How I lost all my spare time into an interstellar vortex”)

So I’m not really a fan of the whole swords, sorcery, elves & wizards scene. I quite like the LotR movies, but the last thing like that I actually read was probably The Hobbit when I was 9. Given that, I’d pretty much given up on the whole MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre, since an advanced degree in spellcasting seems to be a prerequisite to most of them.

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So you’ve seen all the inspired renditions of what the Nintendo Revolution controller might look like, as created by photoshop skilled fans? Not so artistic yourself? Fear not! With this handy tool you can now create your own, photorealistic, fully ergonomic super controller. Enjoy!

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