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You Want it Which Way?

Viral videos are what make the internet fun. Check out these two kids from China doing their own personal remake of Backstreet Boys’ classic (ahem) “I Want It That Way”. Truly the funniest thing I have seen in months – so good it got the kids hired for a Motorola commercial.

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The f’ing Broadcast Flag is Back

( Issues )

Like some kind of legal zombie the broadcast flag has come back from the dead. It’s been stapled onto the back of a totally unrelated (and popular) law in a blatent attempt to get it in through the backdoor. This kind of deceit seems to be common practice in the “land of the free” and it makes me sick.

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Even More PGR3 Footage

OK, I promise I’ll stop soon. But this one is good: another racing scene, but for the first time it’s not a screener – in other words no shaky-camcorder effect. This is honest-to-goodness hidef magic. And yes, it’s in game footage (from the replay mode).

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More PGR3 Goodness

So I’m now officially very excited about this game (can you tell?). We’ve been seeing the teaser images over the last few months and while I’ve wanted them to be real (i.e. in game) the cynic in me has been saying it can’t be. Well, it is. I’ve grabbed a bunch of new videos from the web and mirrored them here for some nice fast downloads, take a look and prepare to be amazed. The image quality, attention to detail and realism are unlike anything ever seen in a racing game before. Wow.

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