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Fantastic American Idiot Mashup

( Fun Stuff and Music )

Dean Gray presents American Edit is a mashup (Grey Album style) of the Green Day album American Idiot. Now I’m not normally a rock fan, but I do like Green Day, and their track Holiday is one of my personal guilty pleasures. Imagine my glee at hearing it remixed with the Doctor Who theme! Awesomeness.

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Feeling Stressed?

Virtual Bubblewrap! Nuff said.

Who Knew Printing Was So Musical?

( Fun Stuff and Music )

So Drupa is some kind of trade fair for the print & media industry. Fair enough, I’m sure their flyers and posters are very nicely printed. But why oh why do they feel the need to have a theme song? Not just one, but a different one for each year? Truly, ear bendingly, awful. Have fun!

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Police State?

( Issues )

A woman in Denver has been arrested and charged after refusing to show her ID to a private security guard who asked for it while she travelled to work on a public bus. Scary.

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Best Christmas Lights Ever!

What do you get if you cross 80’s axe-wielding rock music, a house, lots of fairy lights, and some nifty midi sequencing? The greatest festive lightshow in history! I can only imagine what the neighbours must think.

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Xbox 360 Is Here

It’s the day after the day before. I’ve had a few hours to play with Microsoft’s second attempt to take over the video game market, and how is it? Awshum. No – really. You’ve seen the photos and specs and all that before, so I won’t bore you with those details, but I will give my opinion of what aspects really struck me as cool. These are the small details which impress me, as a software designer and gadget freak, and make me feel good about the months of waiting.

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Safari Photos Online

It’s taken a while, but I have the first batch of photos from my recent Safari trip online. Currently there’s around 70 up there, but that’s from a total of 4000. Expect more in a little while!

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