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OK, so this is a little old (from late last year) but hey, I’m slow. Some guy made a new trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror movie The Shining making it look like a totally different movie. On one hand very funny, on the other – a reminder of the power of editing.

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Pandora’s Box

( Gadgets and Music )

Pandora is a neat service which creates a custom internet radio station which plays only music it thinks you will like – based on you naming a few artists or songs which appeal to you. They have a very large database of tracks (although many dance artists I tried on it were unknown which was a disappointment) and the matching is excellent. Once I found a few artists it knew (Armin, Sasha, Hybrid & BT) it did a good job of pulling up similar artists (Motorcycle, DJ Ice and Tiesto amongst others). The downside of all this is that the service is only available via an in-browser Flash interface – booooo! How to listen in comfort? Well – from your Squeezebox of course! (You do have a Squeezebox, right?). Today Slimdevices and Pandora announced a partnership that will allow the best network music hardware on the market to integrate with the best “intelligent” streaming service. Come March 1st (the launch date) the Squeezebox will truly become Pandora’s Box.

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