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Ridge Racer 6

Hmm…not so sure about this one. Picked it up a bit ago but it’s hard to really get into. I loved the first few installments on the PS1 & 2 but this one is just not grabbing me. The graphics are, well, shiny. The handling is even more over-the-top slidy than previous versions and to be honest it’s just a little bit too much. The PSP installment does a better job of updating the classic fun, IMHO. I haven’t even found the original classic PS1 circuit on this version yet.

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Self Stirring Drinks

( Gadgets )

Who wouldn’t want a coffee/tea/hot chocolate mug that can stir itself?

Wired: The Great Escape

Wired Magazine are running an article on La Fuga (The Great Escape) which is a game played in an arena in Madrid where you try to escape from a prison. Much like many video games, except this one is played in real life. The facility cost $20m to build, and $15 a pop to play. Sounds like a lot of fun – one step up in the reality stakes from Quasar! Seems they’re building one in Manhatten – save me a place on the front of the line.

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