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Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

I love the 360’s wireless controllers, but the Play & Charge cable was always a pain – it’s not long enough for me to actually use while playing, and it’s pretty messy looking hanging out the front of the console. So the new Quick Charger is a nice addition. It connects directly to a power outlet and the batteries from the controllers just clip onto the side of it. Should have been out in November, but better late than never.

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Slimserver 6.2.2 is go!

( Gadgets )

A point release is not normally worth a posting, but this one has been months in the coming. Lots of cool new stuff, bugfixes and a new firmware. Check it out!

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It’s Conference Season

( E3 and Gadgets and Videogames )

May’s a comin’ – and with it two extremely cool conferences. First off I’m going to be at the E3 expo in LA seeing the latest in the world of video gaming, and then the following week sees me in San Francisco blogging for work from the JavaOne convention.

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Behold! The Nintendo Wii!

Astonishing but true, Nintendo have renamed the Revolution the “Wii”. Really. Who thought of that? Check out the conceptual marketing BS they use to justify it.

I can’t wait until E3 – I want a Wii now!

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SSBM – Eh?

I was reading about some anticipated Nintendo E3 announcements (beyond the Revolution Wii itself) and one of them was the anticipated new version of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Now I know this is one of the most popular GC games ever, and I have a copy, but …. I don’t get it. I’m probably the only gamer in the world who just doesn’t like this game very much. To me it seems like a pretty standard fighting game (which I’m generally pretty bad at) but with smaller characters and a platform based arena. Maybe it’s better if you remember all the moves and/or have a bunch of friends over with some brewskis.

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Tomb Raider: Legend

So it’s here, the last hope for Lara after a couple of pretty dire games is now available on pretty much every platform except the original NES. I have the 360 version (of course) and I have to say, I’m hooked. Tomb Raider holds a special place in my memory – as a teenager I spent many hours watching my kid brother play it. We always used the PC for it and he was the only one with the pianist-like dexterity needed to pull off the triple back flip properly. So despite being very familiar with the games (and even having watched both movies) this was actually the first installment I played myself.

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Full Auto

Way back in May 2005 I was watching the live coverage of E3 on G4TV, and they had some early playable 360 demos. One of them, which I watched many times, showed Morgan Web playing this insane racing game which involved destroying entire city blocks as you drove around, into and through them. That was the first game which really got me psyched about the console, and I was disappointed when November came around and it wasn’t a launch title. Still, I thought, release it when it’s ready.

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