Blogging from the Bus

Posted on Thursday 11 May 2006

So I’m here on the Microsoft Blogging Bus – thanks to them for providing the wireless! Just in the middle of day 2, the highlight of which was skipping the 4 hour wait for the Wii and jumping backstage at Sega to try out Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and Sonic Wildfire in person. The Wii is one cute little console, very sexy looking with the lightup disc slot and Apple-white design. The controller is nicely designed, and feels good playing (although it takes a little getting used to). It’s perfect for the Monkey Ball game, but I can imagine buying enough of those controllers for a party being expensive. The Sonic game was cool, you flip the controller sideways and hold it like a NES controller, tilting left and right to steer.

It’s also been a good day for swag, couple of shirts, the PSP memory stick and some other junk like playing cards and a Magic game. Nice!

More to follow…

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