E3 Day 3

Posted on Friday 12 May 2006

A quick post this time, as we only spent a brief time at the show this morning. First order of business was Nintendo, we managed to blag our way past the 4 hour line and got into the closed area to try out the Wii games. Had a go on a couple including Wii Sports : Tennis which was a lot of fun. The Wiimote fits in the hand just like a tennis racquet handle and driving the ball feels pretty accurate. The new Mario Universe also looks interesting – although more like Mario Sunshine than the classics, hopefully it will be a little better than that was! There’s no doubt though – Nintendo’s booth was the place to be this E3.

After a quick stop at the Namco booth for Pacman swag and the E3 store for (paid-for) t-shirts it was bye bye E3 2006, it’s been great!

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