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Ruckus MediaFlex Router Review

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Ruckus MediaFlex Router


As I mentioned a while ago, I recently spent some time on the SlimDevices stand at the DigitalLife show in NYC. The stand was actually being shared by two other companies – Infrant (makers of some excellent NAS units) and Ruckus Wireless, who were demonstrating their new (award winning!) line of wireless routers and adapters. Read on for my thoughts on the Ruckus products.

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EGM’s Crapstravaganza

EGM recently published their list of the worst games of all time. The original author of the piece has published his “Director’s Cut” version which has more games, and more profanity. Your guide to the 20 most awesomely bad games evaaar is right here.

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DigitalLife in NYC

DigitalLife is an annual show at the Jacob Javits center in New York which features all the kinds of things I like – you know – anything with buttons and lights! There’s stands from people like Konami, M-Audio, Gametap, Sony and of course Microsoft. Not sure why Nintendo are skipping on it – would have been a good place to hype the Wii. However, the really big deal is over on the Aegia (makers of the PhysX physics coprocessor cards) stand. Besides their really quite cool hardware (which I tried out at E3) they offer a chance to meet Dustin Diamond! Yes! Dustin Diamond!

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Swan M-200 Active Speakers

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Swan M-200

I’ve been asked about speakers by friends twice in the last couple of days, and in both cases ended up recommending the Swan M-200. These are small, good looking speakers with built-in amplification so they’ll connect directly to a CD/DVD player, console, iPod, Squeezebox, or whatever else. The sound quality really is great, and the build quality is exceptional. If you need something for an office, bedroom or other smaller space and want a step up from the usual crappy computer speakers – these are great. Best of all, they’re very reasonably priced at under $200.

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The Transporter is Here

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Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted anything interesting on this site! Not that there haven’t been interesting things to post, I’ve just been rather busy. The normal excuse!

Anyhoo, I’ve posted before about SlimDevices, makers of the rather fabulous Squeezebox Network Audio Player. This is the tiny $300 wireless box which gives you instant access to every CD you own with comparable sound quality to CD players costing 10 times as much, as well as internet radio streaming, weather & sports scores, and more. So what would Slim come up with when given a larger budget? Say $2000? Something very much like the picture above. Read on for my thoughts… Read more on The Transporter is Here…