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Nokia 770

( Gadgets )

Thanks to the greatness that is woot, I recently picked up a sweet little Nokia 770 handheld internet tablet for a bargain $130. First impressions are good – the screen is great, the software seems to work nicely and the wireless was essy to setup. I’ll post more thougts on it soon.

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Wusikstation Group-Buy Bonanza

( Gadgets and Music )

So this is an interesting one. Group buys are an increasingly common event these days – where a company offers a discounted price for their product if a certain number of people sign up to buy at once. Wusikstation is a pretty cool softsynth made by a small indy company, which usually retails for the very reasonable price of $99. However, in an effort to spread the word they’ve decided to offer a group buy deal with an astonishing 98% discount. That’s right – sign up and you can have the full version of the software for just $1.95. The catch? You’ll only get the deal if 149,999 other people also sign up – and there are no refunds.

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