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New High Score!

Well it seems we already broke my target for sponsorship – currently you’ve donated a whopping $273! So just to keep it interesting I’ve doubled the target to $500. Should be easy 🙂

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Just a reminder, if you want updates on the progress of 24 Games in 24 Hours, you have a number of choices:

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Great Progress!

So I’m already approaching my fund raising goal for 24 Games in 24 Hours, which is awesome – thanks so much. Of course, if I reach the goal I’ll just move it higher 🙂

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24in24 – Some Updates

Firstly, thanks to my first 2 sponsors! Hopefully many more of you will be joining Mike and Morgan soon. I’m aiming for $250 to make my sleep deprivation seem worthwhile.

By popular request I’ve also posted a list of some of the games I already have. Maybe you want to pick one for me but need some ideas, or maybe you just want to see how many Mario Party editions you can torture me with – it’s all here. But remember, you pay – you choose. If you don’t see what you want on that list just let me know and I’ll try to get it.

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24 Games in 24 Hours

As part of the Extra Life sponsored gaming marathon in October, I’m going to be playing 24 different games in 24 hours, with no breaks. You’ll even be able to tune in and watch the excitement live as I get sniped again in Battlefield 1943. I’ll be posting the game schedule closer to the date so you can all find me on Xbox Live or PSN if you want to play along.

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