Hands On: Tony Hawk RIDE

Posted on Friday 4 September 2009

So this is the game with the crazy plastic skateboard. I got to watch it being demoed by an Activision guy – and then saw some journalists fall off. Repeatedly. The level of enthusiasm wasn’t exactly overwhelming to be honest (even N’Gai just wanted to watch the demo).

Graphically it was very underwhelming, quite disappointing really. The level being showed off was a downhill slalom through city streets, with lots of fruit carts to smash through –¬† I was waiting¬† for the guys to walk across the street with a giant pane of glass! In one section you break through a wall (on a skateboard??) and the chunks of masonry looked N64 quality. Overall it looked like a cross between SSX and MarioKart (with some early Tomb Raider mixed in).

As for the controls, judging by how badly everyone except the demo guy did, I think they might have a problem. I guess maybe it’s better if you already skate, but I think everyone I saw would have been happier with a regular controller. Alas, all you’d have left then would be a really crappy skateboard game.

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