I Hit the Bigtime!

Posted on Friday 4 September 2009

For the first time ever adamreeve.com is under an official embargo! I was at the Activision PAX media reception this evening where they were showing some of their new titles. Unfortunatly I can’t talk about them until tomorrow (due to aforementioned embargo), so for now I shall review their nibbles!

The crab cakes on a stick were interesting, if a little doughy. They had an awesome cheese plate with some very tasty fromage, but it was really missing some good ham. Figs are interesting, but they don’t make up for a lack of ham.

The desert table was better – some nice chocolate cakes with some kind of crunchy icing, and great pot au chocolat. All in all a tasty spread, and an open bar too with some decent chardonnay.

Highlight of the evening was watching N’Gai Croll watching someone demo Tony Hawk Ride. Seriously.

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