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After the Dust had Settled

So it’s all over (at least for this year!). Thanks again to everyone who supported me in 24 Games in 24 Hours, the good news is that I raised a total of $913. The entire Second Life campaign this year generated over $140,000 for the kids who need it.

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It’s Finally Here!

Just about to try and get a good night’s sleep before starting 24 Games in 24 Hours bright and early tomorrow morning. Firstly a massive thanks to everyone who contributed, the current total is just over $900 which is way beyond what I had hoped for going into this. There are some reasonably famous gaming glitterati playing tomorrow who haven’t raised nearly as much…so I’m very excited to be able to help out the hospital in such a big way.

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Less than a week now

It’s time for me to get in training for the 24 Games in 24 Hours marathon. Lots of endurance work (staying up late), caffeine tolerance reduction (stop drinking tea for a week to get maximum effect on the day) and of course some gaming practice. Got up to speed on Pain and Wipeout HD today, but I really need to work on my COD4 multiplayer or I’m going to get royally creamed during that hour.

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