Extra Life / 24 in 24 2010 is History

Posted on Sunday 17 October 2010

…literally! Last year I personally raised a little over $900 towards a grand event total of $170,000. This year you guys helped me push that to a whopping $1324 (and still counting!) towards an even more whopping $420,000! These numbers are great in themselves, but what’s even better is the difference to they’ll make to so many people’s lives – so thank you from them as well as from me!

A special thanks to everyone who kept me company during the night in the chatroom and on the video stream, for those who weren’t able to swing by Jackie posted a few photos of the “action” (it doesn’t really qualify as that in my mind!) for you to enjoy. Although, it is a little sad that I will never be able to speak to my father again after he made me play Elf Bowling.

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