I’ve Done Made Some Photos

Posted on Wednesday 17 August 2011

I’ve been taking more photos recently, and I think getting better at doing so. One thing I’ve always hated is how they were presented online. I didn’t want to use a third party service like Flickr, because I wanted more control over the site, but I also disliked the software I was using (Gallery). It’s not that it’s bad, but it’s obsessed with features like tagging, search, comments, ratings, etc etc – and as a result the layouts tended to be over complex with the photo itself seeming like an afterthought.

What I wanted was something which gave the appearance of a simple, image-oriented site where the pictures can really shine, but with the ease of uploading and management that you get from running gallery software instead of plain html files. What I found was ZenPhoto – and it’s pretty great. What I like is that it’s simple, and therefore fast. I also found this excellent plugin which integrates it with Lightroom so I can publish right from the desktop. It could use more themes – I guess it’s not popular enough yet to have a lot of them already available. But I found one I liked, hacked it up to get rid of the excess clutter, and ended up with something I can at least tolerate!

So take a look, hope you like something. (Many!) more images to come in the future.

Photo Gallery

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