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Fixed Comments!

Someone let me know that the comments were broken, I think they’re fixed now. If you have any problems let me know using the contact form. Thanks!

Video Stream Details

Just like last year there will be a live stream of the whole event, so you can tune in to check I’m still alive (or just mock me as I play Dora the Explorer – whichever you prefer). The link is below, you’ll need the flash plugin installed. The stream will go live shortly before 8am EST on Saturday.

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It’s Back!

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – time for me to update my blog! But more seriously, it’s Extra Life time, when I try and persuade you to hand over cold hard cash by playing games for 24 hours straight. I didn’t think it would work, but with the added guilt trip of sick kids last year I raised an amazing $913. I don’t like odd numbers, so this year I’m aiming for a nice round $1000. Head over here for more details or just jump straight to my donation page to make it official.

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It’s Finally Here!

Just about to try and get a good night’s sleep before starting 24 Games in 24 Hours bright and early tomorrow morning. Firstly a massive thanks to everyone who contributed, the current total is just over $900 which is way beyond what I had hoped for going into this. There are some reasonably famous gaming glitterati playing tomorrow who haven’t raised nearly as much…so I’m very excited to be able to help out the hospital in such a big way.

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Upgrades Complete

The changes at my host are now complete, and I’ve taken the opportunity to perform a much needed upgrade to the software running the site too. Hopefully everything’s OK now – let me know if you find anything which doesn’t work properly.

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Some changes underway

Just a quick apology if you find any broken links on this site for the next few days – my webhosts are making a bunch of changes and things are a little interesting. Currently I know that some of the category links are broken, as is the RSS feed link. Hopefully it’ll all be good in a week or so.

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Spam Filtering

I’ve been getting a fair bit of comment spam on this site just recently, so I’ve activated some spam detection & filtering measures. What this means is that it’s possible your comments will be marked as suspect and held for moderation – I apologise in advance if this happens! Some of the options may need a little tweaking over time.

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New category – E3

( Announcements and E3 )

I just set up a new E3 category to keep things neat and tidy. Enjoy!

New Page – Software

Just a quick note – I’ve added a static page specifically for downloads and descriptions of software I make available. The first application – WinSlim – is there now, more coming. It’s linked in the menu to the left, or you can use the link below.

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Important : Spam from

It seems a spammer has started using my domain ( as the “From” address in a number of his emails. Rest assured if you get spam appearing to come from this domain it really isn’t, it’s just being faked. I have no interest in selling anyone herbal viagra or mail order diplomas.

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