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Amazon Packaging is Nuts

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I but a lot of stuff from Amazon – seriously, a lot. Love the place, they sell pretty much everything and it’s cheap. With Amazon Prime I get super fast shipping for very little cost, and I’ve never had a bad customer service experience with them.

Enough of the advertising! They do have a weakness, and it’s their packaging. Read more on Amazon Packaging is Nuts…

Adam Asks a Ninja – “Why So Slow?”

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So yes, I’m sure I’m the last person on the intarwebs to have caught on to this particular phenomenon, but just in case there’s anyone else out there as backwards as me here’s a hint: Ask A Ninja is possibly the funniest website/podcast/thing ever. You get this guy, dressed as a Ninja, answering people’s (usually pretty stupid) questions. Sounds good huh? It’s better than it sounds. There’s a bunch of episodes on the website (I recommend “Thr33” as a good one to start with) and you can also subscribe to the video podcast in iTunes.

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EGM’s Crapstravaganza

EGM recently published their list of the worst games of all time. The original author of the piece has published his “Director’s Cut” version which has more games, and more profanity. Your guide to the 20 most awesomely bad games evaaar is right here.

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The Hardest Game Ever Made?

This video documents the Nemesis Game – that one evil game you just can’t beat. It’s different for everyone (for me it’s every fighting game ever made) but for this guy it’s an old NES game called Abadox. Very funny…watch his descent into gaming hell.

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Half Life 2 Is Raving (Mad?)

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Gary’s Mod (aka GMOD) is a piece of software which lets you take the Half Life 2 game engine and do your own thing with it. Of course most people stick with sensible stuff, like making new levels or changing characters’ appearances. Others, however, do things like this. Nuts.

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Wired: The Great Escape

( Fun Stuff and Gadgets )

Wired Magazine are running an article on La Fuga (The Great Escape) which is a game played in an arena in Madrid where you try to escape from a prison. Much like many video games, except this one is played in real life. The facility cost $20m to build, and $15 a pop to play. Sounds like a lot of fun – one step up in the reality stakes from Quasar! Seems they’re building one in Manhatten – save me a place on the front of the line.

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OK, so this is a little old (from late last year) but hey, I’m slow. Some guy made a new trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror movie The Shining making it look like a totally different movie. On one hand very funny, on the other – a reminder of the power of editing.

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PGR3 vs Real Life

Wow. This page on shows comparisons between photos of buildings and streets in Tokyo and their PGR3 counterparts. Sure, you can tell the difference, but the attention to detail is amazing.

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Fantastic American Idiot Mashup

( Fun Stuff and Music )

Dean Gray presents American Edit is a mashup (Grey Album style) of the Green Day album American Idiot. Now I’m not normally a rock fan, but I do like Green Day, and their track Holiday is one of my personal guilty pleasures. Imagine my glee at hearing it remixed with the Doctor Who theme! Awesomeness.

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Feeling Stressed?

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Virtual Bubblewrap! Nuff said.