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Who Knew Printing Was So Musical?

( Fun Stuff and Music )

So Drupa is some kind of trade fair for the print & media industry. Fair enough, I’m sure their flyers and posters are very nicely printed. But why oh why do they feel the need to have a theme song? Not just one, but a different one for each year? Truly, ear bendingly, awful. Have fun!

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Best Christmas Lights Ever!

( Fun Stuff and Gadgets )

What do you get if you cross 80’s axe-wielding rock music, a house, lots of fairy lights, and some nifty midi sequencing? The greatest festive lightshow in history! I can only imagine what the neighbours must think.

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You Want it Which Way?

( Fun Stuff )

Viral videos are what make the internet fun. Check out these two kids from China doing their own personal remake of Backstreet Boys’ classic (ahem) “I Want It That Way”. Truly the funniest thing I have seen in months – so good it got the kids hired for a Motorola commercial.

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Another Spoof iPod Commercial

( Fun Stuff and Gadgets )

Except this one’s for a real product. The jacket looks interesting, the commercial is great. That guy’s got some moves 🙂


Optical Illusions

( Fun Stuff )

I’ve always liked optical illusions, they show up the bugs in our own programming 🙂 Anyway, this page has a really nice collection of illusions, complete with detailed explanations of how and why they work. Now I just need something to make my eyes point in the right direction again.

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Eve Online

(or “How I lost all my spare time into an interstellar vortex”)

So I’m not really a fan of the whole swords, sorcery, elves & wizards scene. I quite like the LotR movies, but the last thing like that I actually read was probably The Hobbit when I was 9. Given that, I’d pretty much given up on the whole MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre, since an advanced degree in spellcasting seems to be a prerequisite to most of them.

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So you’ve seen all the inspired renditions of what the Nintendo Revolution controller might look like, as created by photoshop skilled fans? Not so artistic yourself? Fear not! With this handy tool you can now create your own, photorealistic, fully ergonomic super controller. Enjoy!

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iPod Flea

( Fun Stuff and Gadgets )

Scott Kelby created this fantastic spoof commercial for the next Apple product – the iPod Flea. That link is Quicktime, if you prefer Windows Media, try this.

Comedy Mugshots

( Fun Stuff )

Over at The Smoking Gun they have a collection of police mugshots, mainly of celebrities captured in their not-so-prime, but also some of regular citizens who take it that little bit further than your average criminal. For example, this guy, who probably wishes he’d worn a different shirt, and this guy who was arrested for trying to buy more gold spray paint. I wonder what he was planning to do with it?

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How Not to Drive a Ferrari

( Fun Stuff )

Ouch. This video is from an Australian burnout contest (where drivers compete to produce the most smoke from their tyres on a straight course). The first guy shows how it’s done, then someone shows up in their brand new Ferrari… The commentators exclamations are priceless!

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