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Police State?

( Issues )

A woman in Denver has been arrested and charged after refusing to show her ID to a private security guard who asked for it while she travelled to work on a public bus. Scary.

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The f’ing Broadcast Flag is Back

( Issues )

Like some kind of legal zombie the broadcast flag has come back from the dead. It’s been stapled onto the back of a totally unrelated (and popular) law in a blatent attempt to get it in through the backdoor. This kind of deceit seems to be common practice in the “land of the free” and it makes me sick.

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Video Games Are Good For You

( Issues and Videogames )

Author Steven Johnson has written an open letter to Hilary Clinton in response to her call for an investigation into the effects on children of video games. I think it perfectly illustrates the absurdity of the current campaign-de-jour of the technically illiterate ruling classes. Pandering to middle America has always been a big vote winner, sadly it usually leads to really, really dumb policies.

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US Grand Prix – What Went Wrong?

( Issues )

So I posted earlier from day 1 of the race weekend, with some photos. Back then it was all sweetness and light. Then Sunday happened, and it all went horribly wrong. I do have photos from day 2 and 3, and I will post them this weekend. My enthusiasm has however waned…

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Faith Based Telephony

( Issues )

OK, so I know I promised not to post about politics or religon, but this has to do with telephony so it’s vaguely gadget related. Plus, it’s too funny not to post. United American Technologies (a self-proclaimed “Christian-based phone carrier”) have been trying to sell their services to the public with some interesting claims, specifically that they are the only telco which doesn’t support gay marriage and child porn. Wonkette has the full (hilarious) story. They also have some recordings of the UAT salespeople here.

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Broadcast Flag is History!

( Gadgets and Issues )

Fantastic news from Boing-Boing and the EFF: The Broadcast Flag has been ruled illegal.

For those who haven’t been following this story – the FCC had made a ruling that by the end of this year all digital TV equipment (i.e. your HDTV, Cable Box, Tivo, etc) must allow the broadcaster to prevent you recording the material you watch. In other words, the networks could, whenever they like, stop you being able to record this week’s Alias because you’re going to be out that night. Under their ruling it would be illegal to sell any recorder which ignored this flag, or any device to try and defeat it.

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UK Election 2005

( Issues and Personal )

I’m British, and I’m sure a lot of the people reading this are too. Unfortunately I left it too late to register for a postal vote for the upcoming general election, but maybe some of these links will be useful to those who are registered.

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