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DigitalLife in NYC

DigitalLife is an annual show at the Jacob Javits center in New York which features all the kinds of things I like – you know – anything with buttons and lights! There’s stands from people like Konami, M-Audio, Gametap, Sony and of course Microsoft. Not sure why Nintendo are skipping on it – would have been a good place to hype the Wii. However, the really big deal is over on the Aegia (makers of the PhysX physics coprocessor cards) stand. Besides their really quite cool hardware (which I tried out at E3) they offer a chance to meet Dustin Diamond! Yes! Dustin Diamond!

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Safari Photos Online

It’s taken a while, but I have the first batch of photos from my recent Safari trip online. Currently there’s around 70 up there, but that’s from a total of 4000. Expect more in a little while!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

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So it’s my birthday. Something I share with Sam Adams, Avril Lavigne, Google and Meatloaf. So here’s to them!

Important : Spam from

It seems a spammer has started using my domain ( as the “From” address in a number of his emails. Rest assured if you get spam appearing to come from this domain it really isn’t, it’s just being faked. I have no interest in selling anyone herbal viagra or mail order diplomas.

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UK Election 2005

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I’m British, and I’m sure a lot of the people reading this are too. Unfortunately I left it too late to register for a postal vote for the upcoming general election, but maybe some of these links will be useful to those who are registered.

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I’d just like to give a shout to the guys at WordPress who wrote the rather nice software this site is running on. If you notice anything wrong – blame them 🙂

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