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( E3 and Gadgets and Photography )

Day 2 photos are now up on flickr!

Photos of Day 1

( E3 and Gadgets and Photography )

I’ve put up some photos from day 1 of E3 2006 on Flickr.

Safari Photos Online

It’s taken a while, but I have the first batch of photos from my recent Safari trip online. Currently there’s around 70 up there, but that’s from a total of 4000. Expect more in a little while!

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US Grand Prix – Day 1

I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 racing for a nuber of years now, and thought I’d take the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis this weekend for the US Grand Prix. Today (Friday) was the first day of the race weekend, and I caught the second practice session this afternoon. First impressions? Man these things are loud. Really loud. Head-next-to-the-bassbin-at-Ministry loud. Loud, and fast. The TV really does a terrible job of getting over just how fast (and did I mention loud?) these cars are.

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