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PS3 Reduced to $499

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So we now all know what we already knew, the PS3 has been officially cut in price by $100 to $499 for the 60GB model. Taking up the slack in the upper atmosphere is the new 80GB model (as previously seen in Korea) for the original bargain price of $599. If $100 seems like a large difference for just 20GB, Sony seem to agree so they’re also throwing in a copy of Motorstorm. Still seems a little bit of a stretch to me – I think I’ll wait until the heavily rumored rumble controllers come out. Oh and, you know, some decent games to actually play on the thing.

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E3 2006 : Our Awards

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We decided to come up with our own awards for the best (and worst) of E3 for this year, some are serious and some less so. Without further ado, I proudly present the E3 Golden Blister Awards 2006!

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More Photos

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E3 Day 3 photos are now available. Not many shots today (I had battery issues) but some good Wii footage.

E3 Day 3

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A quick post this time, as we only spent a brief time at the show this morning. First order of business was Nintendo, we managed to blag our way past the 4 hour line and got into the closed area to try out the Wii games. Had a go on a couple including Wii Sports : Tennis which was a lot of fun. The Wiimote fits in the hand just like a tennis racquet handle and driving the ball feels pretty accurate. The new Mario Universe also looks interesting – although more like Mario Sunshine than the classics, hopefully it will be a little better than that was! There’s no doubt though – Nintendo’s booth was the place to be this E3.

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Web Browser on Wii

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I just noticed this, looks like I’m a little slow off the bat! Nintendo have announced that the Wii will be the first of the new consoles to ship with a web browser built in – made by Opera no less. Lots of people have been asking for this on the 360, will we ever see it? Personally I’m not sure I want to. The PSP browser showed me just how awful it is to try and do anything on the web without a keyboard.

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Got a Joystiq Tshirt!

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Joystiq were handing out special limited edition shirts today. I got one. I’m very happy about that 🙂

Microsoft Courts Nintendo?

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There have been a couple of interesting news items today which point to Microsoft cosying up to Nintendo in the battle against Sony. Firstly, Xbox VP Peter Moore is quoted as saying:

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E3 Day 2 Report

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Back a the hotel after day 2, which if anything was more exhausting than day 1. We tried to arrive early to get into the Wii area at the Nintendo booth, but by the time we got there the line was already around the booth and all the way to the back of the exhibition hall – I’d guess at least a 4 hour wait. More cunning was required, and later in the day we got to see and experience the Wii in the privacy of Sega’s backstage demo room. I was more taken by the use of the controller for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz than for their other Wii title – Sonic Wildfire – but both were solid games. I think the Monkey Ball minigames (already famously popular) will attract even more fans with the new level of interaction. One concern I mentioned in an earlier post is the cost of the controllers. My GameCUbe is my party console, and as such I have 4 Wavebird wireless controllers, which were around $40 each. I’d be amazed if you could get the new Wiimote and nunchuck for that much, so kitting out a party system could get expensive.

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More photos

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Day 2 photos are now up on flickr!

Blogging from the Bus

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So I’m here on the Microsoft Blogging Bus – thanks to them for providing the wireless! Just in the middle of day 2, the highlight of which was skipping the 4 hour wait for the Wii and jumping backstage at Sega to try out Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and Sonic Wildfire in person. The Wii is one cute little console, very sexy looking with the lightup disc slot and Apple-white design. The controller is nicely designed, and feels good playing (although it takes a little getting used to). It’s perfect for the Monkey Ball game, but I can imagine buying enough of those controllers for a party being expensive. The Sonic game was cool, you flip the controller sideways and hold it like a NES controller, tilting left and right to steer.

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