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Photos of Day 1

( E3 and Gadgets and Photography )

I’ve put up some photos from day 1 of E3 2006 on Flickr.

A Little Analysis

( E3 and Gadgets )

My take on what’s happening this E3:

Microsoft are doing well, better I think than most people expected. There’s a lot of buzz around the new games and the 360 has been generally well received. The new accessories (camera, DDR mat, driving wheel and HD-DVD drive) are not earth shattering but nice additions to the line. One interesting thing I saw mentioned was that they are now the only company without a motion-sensitive controller – will that affect third party support? Personally I doubt it. I don’t think that motion sensitivity will be any more than a gimmick in the majority of games coming along in the next couple of years. By that time the third party publishers will know who to support.

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Swag Check – Part 1

( E3 )

So what do we have so far? Not a bad haul but less exciting than I expected. There’s a photo here, and some highlights:

  • Many brochures
  • Lanyards from Sega, Xbox360, PS3 and Dodge (!!?!)

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E3 Day 1 – Review

( E3 and Gadgets )

So that was what it was. Day 1 of E3 2006 is officially over, and my feet are on strike. But that’s unimportant right now. What is important is the sheer quantity of games and gamers currently in LA. To a first-time visitor the size of the place is overwhelming, 3 huge halls and 2 or 3 smaller ones filled to capacity – some of the larger booths are the size of a football field. The Sony booth must have had 20 or 30 PS3 setups, and twice that each of PS2 and PSP.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X

( E3 )

Well I know at least one person out there is waiting news of the latest version of Microsoft’s venerable flight sim. I can’t give much expert analysis I’m afraid, except that it looked difficult (everyone kept crashing) and it took ages to load a mission. But, what do I know? Photos can be found on my flickr page.

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MGS4 Gets the Applause

( E3 )

So I guess after the big 3 we get the large few, one of the largest of which is Konami. Their conference seemed to appeal to many people, with lots of new games announced for PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PSP and DS. Phew. So there are a bunch of new DDR versions coming out, including a live-enabled 360 installment. Some new Silent Hill, and bunch I don’t really care about and then Metal Gear Solid 4, which is the biggy. Again, not a series I’m particularly excited by, but judging from the assembled journos’ responses this is going to be huge. Maybe the first piece of really good news for Sony this week?

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New category – E3

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I just set up a new E3 category to keep things neat and tidy. Enjoy!

Initial Reactions on the Big 3

( E3 and Gadgets and Videogames )

So the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony press conferences are all done and dusted. Reactions? Well Sony seriously underwhelmed. Their’s was the only one I watched live and to be honest I got bored half way through and played the new Test Drive demo on Xbox Live instead. They had a bunch of predictable games, a super expensive console and a rip-off of Nintendo’s controller. I think they’re in trouble this time around, and I also think they know it. According to a developer they’ve only had the motion sensitive controller for around 2 weeks – it’s pretty obvious they just realised they need something interesting to sell boxes.

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At the airport

( E3 and Gadgets and Videogames )

Writing this at the airport on the way to LA. So Sony dropped the price bombshell – $600 for the full version of the PS3. That’s $200 more than the 360 at launch (which may drop even more by the end of the year). Interesting!

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Getting ready for the big week

( E3 and Videogames )

So next week is E3. Me and my brother are flying down on tuesday ready for the expo opening on wednesday. Before that are the press conferences, when all the big announcements are made.

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