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Hands On: Blur

( PAX 09 )

Played some of the new Activision racing title “Blur” last night. Make no mistake –  this is Need For Speed vs Wipeout. Actually an interesting idea, taking the street racing genre and adding weapons & powerups which are decidedly unrealistic.

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Hands On: Tony Hawk RIDE

( Gadgets and PAX 09 )

So this is the game with the crazy plastic skateboard. I got to watch it being demoed by an Activision guy – and then saw some journalists fall off. Repeatedly. The level of enthusiasm wasn’t exactly overwhelming to be honest (even N’Gai just wanted to watch the demo).

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I Hit the Bigtime!

( PAX 09 )

For the first time ever is under an official embargo! I was at the Activision PAX media reception this evening where they were showing some of their new titles. Unfortunatly I can’t talk about them until tomorrow (due to aforementioned embargo), so for now I shall review their nibbles!

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