Photo Tips #1 : Which Camera? (Part 1)

Posted on Saturday 20 August 2011

Something I often get asked when people find out I take a lot of photos, is “which camera should I buy?”. Obviously it’s impossible to give a simple answer, there’s a ton of options and the best choice depends on a number of factors. In this article I hope to at least explain the broad categories, spell out their advantages and disadvantages, and give you some idea of the factors you should consider.

I will use terms you may not be familiar with in the descriptions, these will be explained in later articles so stay tuned!


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I’ve Done Made Some Photos

Posted on Wednesday 17 August 2011

I’ve been taking more photos recently, and I think getting better at doing so. One thing I’ve always hated is how they were presented online. I didn’t want to use a third party service like Flickr, because I wanted more control over the site, but I also disliked the software I was using (Gallery). It’s not that it’s bad, but it’s obsessed with features like tagging, search, comments, ratings, etc etc – and as a result the layouts tended to be over complex with the photo itself seeming like an afterthought.

What I wanted was something which gave the appearance of a simple, image-oriented site where the pictures can really shine, but with the ease of uploading and management that you get from running gallery software instead of plain html files. What I found was ZenPhoto – and it’s pretty great. What I like is that it’s simple, and therefore fast. I also found this excellent plugin which integrates it with Lightroom so I can publish right from the desktop. It could use more themes – I guess it’s not popular enough yet to have a lot of them already available. But I found one I liked, hacked it up to get rid of the excess clutter, and ended up with something I can at least tolerate!

So take a look, hope you like something. (Many!) more images to come in the future.

Photo Gallery

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Extra Life / 24 in 24 2010 is History

Posted on Sunday 17 October 2010

…literally! Last year I personally raised a little over $900 towards a grand event total of $170,000. This year you guys helped me push that to a whopping $1324 (and still counting!) towards an even more whopping $420,000! These numbers are great in themselves, but what’s even better is the difference to they’ll make to so many people’s lives – so thank you from them as well as from me!

A special thanks to everyone who kept me company during the night in the chatroom and on the video stream, for those who weren’t able to swing by Jackie posted a few photos of the “action” (it doesn’t really qualify as that in my mind!) for you to enjoy. Although, it is a little sad that I will never be able to speak to my father again after he made me play Elf Bowling.

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Video Stream Details

Posted on Friday 15 October 2010

Just like last year there will be a live stream of the whole event, so you can tune in to check I’m still alive (or just mock me as I play Dora the Explorer – whichever you prefer). The link is below, you’ll need the flash plugin installed. The stream will go live shortly before 8am EST on Saturday.

Note: there are also ustream apps for Nokia, iPhone and Android. Please check the relevant marketplaces for details.

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We Did It!

Posted on Friday 15 October 2010

With less than 24 hours left before it kicks off we got past the $1000 target. Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far, and if you still want to get in on the action it’s not too late (yet!). More details as always are here.

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Only 1 Day and 7 Slots Left!

Posted on Thursday 14 October 2010

The time has almost come! As of now, I have 17 games selected by my fantastic donors, and a whopping $897 collected. Only $103 left to reach the target, and there are only 7 slots left for you to fill. If you have been thinking about sponsoring me – now’s the time!

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Posted on Tuesday 12 October 2010

With just 3 days to go we broke the $600 mark. Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far, and for anyone still thinking about it – now’s the time! If you didn’t know – this coming weekend I’ll be staying up playing video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. Find out more and donate here.

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Less Than 2 Weeks!

Posted on Sunday 3 October 2010

24 Games in 24 HoursIt’s getting closer! There are still lots of slots left on the game board for anyone who hasn’t sponsored me yet, please take a read of this page and help out if you can. I’ve added a list of suggested games here for anyone who needs some inspiration.

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Making Great Progress!

Posted on Sunday 26 September 2010

With around three weeks to go we’ve hit $224 so far in sponsorship for 24 in 24. Thanks so much for everyone’s support so far, but if you haven’t donated yet there’s still time (and plenty of game slots to fill!).

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It’s Back!

Posted on Thursday 16 September 2010

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – time for me to update my blog! But more seriously, it’s Extra Life time, when I try and persuade you to hand over cold hard cash by playing games for 24 hours straight. I didn’t think it would work, but with the added guilt trip of sick kids last year I raised an amazing $913. I don’t like odd numbers, so this year I’m aiming for a nice round $1000. Head over here for more details or just jump straight to my donation page to make it official.

More updates to follow, and as always I thank you for your generosity in advance!

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